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4 Days Hanoi - Halong Bay - Sapa - Fansipan Peak - Sapa -Hanoi
Phnome Penh city capital
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Twin Cities Hanoi - Ho Chi Minh City
Ms 06: HCMC - Cu chi tunnels - Mekong Delta Muslim tours
3 days Fansipan Mt Climb
P&h2: 4D3N Hanoi Capital city – Halong Bay - Hanoi
P&H1 Hanoi welcome & pick up
SP 09: Sapa home stay & market
SP 03: Home stay at Ta Van village and hotel
SP 02: Home stay at Dzay and Tay village
SP 01: Sapa home stay at Tay house
HS 05: Mekong Delta homestay

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3 days Fansipan Mt Climb



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 Hi Glory,

It was great. I've done similar climbs several times so I knew what to expect. Camp at 2,900 was a bit cold and without light. However it did not spoilt overall impression.
Thanks for the tour, everything was organized properly. Be sure that I will recommend your company in the future to friends of mine
Kind regards,
Yuri and friends at email: yvinkov700@gmail.com conquered Fansipan peak from 6th -7th Jan 2013


We just wanted to thank you for organising our Fansipan tours. We had a great time, and stayed in some wonderful places. Your country is always a treat to visit, and we loved seeing how the people live and work as we toured around. We'd love to come back and perhaps visit Laos or Cambodia next time as well.

Thanks again, and we'll let our friends know of the good service you provide.


Peter and June Shaw
Visited Vietnam in October 2012, from Australia

Ken Wong from Malaysia, July 2009
"Why we  have to spend  a lot money on  a private tour guide and private transfer for the community trip "
Discovering the Mekong Delta region, do not mind joining in a group to go, very comfortable transportation with a nice tour guide and sharing experience, a nice talk with our  new  friends, Cheap tour but valuable experience! Thank you Ding alot, you are an expert to bring us best experience and a lot mkoney save -up for food and gifts, thanks

Noriko Koizumi and family ( 5 peoples) from Australia - Enjoyed the trip on Nove 2009
Thank you very much for your e-mail. Yes, we are back at home safely. We all really enjoyed the trip to Vietnam and all the tours you had organised for us. It was a fantastic holiday. We met many very nice Vietnamese people during the trip and we appreciate the hospitality of your staff members and host families. I am hoping to send some photos later on. If you have a chance, please thank Vien in Mekon Delta, Loy in Ha Long and Cam in Sapa for their great jobs.

We can not thank enough for their efforts to make us feel comfortable and satisfied. We experienced very different life in Mekong Delta. We were very spoiled in Ha Long when we had a junk to ourselves. It was a fantastic trekking and home stay experience through Sapa. I hope Danielle and Keegan would not forget the experience (I am sure they won't forget about eating grasshoppers and drinking rice wine). Thank you again for your fantastic tours.
Noriko Koizumi

Dear Ton Binh, 

We arrived home yesterday and have had a wonderful holiday.  Our thanks go to you for your fantastic organisation of our time in Vietnam. Fansipan peak is really hard to conquer but we did it sucessfully

Everythng went to schedule and all our flights and transfers went smoothly. 

Please accept our thanks for a terrific holiday.   

I have a small gift to send you in appreciation and would like to know if I send it to the office in HCMC or Hanoi. 

Kind regards,

Lisa Johnson
Visited Vietnam in June 2012, from Australia

Our journey to conquer the highest peak of Southeast Asia
Written by Camellia
Sunday, 16 July 2006

For the past 45 days we had been travelling to different destinations in the North, gathering the latest travel information, taking many photos and mapping out the details of the places mentioned in " Vietnam" the Lonely Planet travels guide, Le Routard ... We strongly believe that our photos and information could make a positive contribution to the travelers in their decisions making of where to spend their travel time and money.

Fansipan was our last stop. It was also the most challenging. According to Mr. Nguyen Anh Binh, the general manager, who also accompanied with us and was an inspiration to the group, the trip would help us to bring out our ability to work together as team and to realize our personal qualities of bravery and patience... That was no easy trip.

Although we had been traveling together for 45 days the pending challenge of Fansipan made us all a bit nervous. It was going to be a big challenge..

The first day.
The jeep dropped us at the base of the mountain. Our enthusiasm masked our anxiety as we prepared our backs. And we went for the summit. We passed an ethnic village with the people in their traditional and colorful costumes. After 2 hours of trekking we saw no one else. Two hours later we met our first challenge,. a very steep cliff. We had to use handholds and be very careful of where we stepped. Beneath the cliff was a deep valley which we could not see the bottom due to foggy condition on the trails. But when coming back in clear weather we realized that it was almost 1000m to the bottom. After climbing the cliff we were in need of some food and water. We stopped for lunch at 11:30AM. Finishing our short half hour lunch we began our trek to the campsite. Arriving at 15:30PM we divided the duties of cooking and setting up the tents. It had been an exhausting day and we were all in bed ready for sleep by 20:OOPM.

The second day.
We woke up early prepared a breakfast of hot noodle, and soon were back on the trail upwards. The morning was clear and bright, we could see how high up we were and how deep the valleys were. We felt secure because our guide for the trip had been to the summit 74 times. At 2000M we had a wonderful surprise forest of trees with beautiful red flowers. At 2700M the forest changed to bamboo and at 2900M another change to smaller bamboo.

Here we stopped for lunch. We realized after lunch our water was in short supply but our goal of the summit was in sight and we arrived at the." Top" at 13:30PM. We were happy, excited and congratulated each other for our achievement. We took many pictures of the spectacular views and surrounding vistas which were well worth the 2 days of trekking. It felt like we were on top of the world. We stayed at the summit for 45 minutes and made it back to our campsite before dark.

The third day.
Although we were all very tired, it was easier going down the mountain. However climbing down the major cliff was more hazardous. The day was spectacular, the sun and our feeling of happiness seemed to cover our exhausting experience. We arrived at the foot of the mountain at 15:30PM. It had been a great trip and exciting adventure.

We are all young staff. We enjoyed our 45 days of travel together. It brought us closer as working partners with a greater understanding of each other's personal qualities. We hope that sharing this experience with the foreign visitors will add to their appreciation of our cultural diversity and greater awareness of the people and of Vietnam as a tourist destination.

Camellia Hotels team


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